Basketball to Stadium Jumping

Hello everyone, I am a Junior, third year transfer student from Southwestern College down in Chula Vista. For most of my life I have been active, but only into sports within the past ten years. I started out as a ballet dancer, moved to a brief (and I do mean brief) stint in cheerleading, skateboarding, basketball, shot put and discus, and finally rested on English riding. In high school, more specifically because of my height, I was quickly pulled onto the basketball team. I loved it, it was fun and challenging at the same time; but all too soon into my junior year, I lost interest and much to my coach and family’s dismay, I quit the team. I didn’t feel the passion I had expected to feel in a sport I loved doing.

I then remembered how much I loved riding horses as a child. I was introduced to riding when I was in Girl Scouts, but never had a chance to further explore it. so I started up lessons again and I soon realized that this was what I was meant to do. then I was introduced to jumping. I was not able to fully experience the sport because I had to stop riding due to conflicts, but I have never lost my love for the sport. I am hoping by taking this class I can further understand the dedication people have to their sport and why some sports are seen as “lesser” than other sports. I know not many people know about, much less think of jumping as a sport; yet in the equestrian world, there are followers of stadium jumpers, like Beezie Madden, that have just as big a following as some football players. I hope that by studying this sport I can not only understand it more myself but also teach others about it.


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One Response to Basketball to Stadium Jumping

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    This is a great sport to study, and there is some interesting research coming out examining rider/animal relationships in sports such as equestrian riding. Jumping seems quite athletic to me, with an added dimension of the athleticism of the animal. This topic offers much to explore! Horse sports often have a class dimension as well, as they can be quite costly (at least from my limited knowledge). I look forward to seeing how this project develops.

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