Don’t Judge A Sport By Its Reputation

Hey Guys! I am currently a second year Marshall student majoring in communications and minoring in business! I got recruited to play on the NCAA tennis team and signed my NLI my senior year of high-school.  I played all of  my freshmen year, but unfortunately I got a shoulder injury over the summer and cannot play this upcoming season. It’s truly sad how one injury can affect so many years of traveling and hard work! Anyways, I played many sports throughout my childhood, including basketball, karate, swimming, and skiing. But when I was about 11, I realized my passion for tennis, and decided to focus only on that sport. My career goal was to become a professional tennis player and travel all over the world playing tournaments. However, those goals changed after I graduated from high school. Besides watching tennis on television, I love watching UFC fights and I’m a HUGE laker fan!

Since I’ve been surrounded by sports most of my life, this class obviously caught my attention and I am very excited to be taking it. Politics is such a big part of sports that I feel many people are unaware about. Besides all the hard-work and sacrifices athletes have to do in order to succeed, being able to understand politics is also very beneficial for an athlete’s success. By taking this class, I believe I can learn more about the basic politics in sports.

Obviously the sport I will be picking for this project is tennis. One big thing that really fascinates me about the politics of tennis is the doping/drug-use of tennis players. As a common tennis fan, you hardly ever hear stories about professional tennis players using drugs to enhance their performance. However, since I have been surrounded by many professional players, I’ve heard many stories about famous tennis players using illegal enhancement drugs. The reason people don’t hear about celebrity tennis players using drugs is because the media covers it up with things like injuries, so the sports reputation doesn’t get tarnished. For example, what would happen if all of Rafael Nadal’s fans found out he used Illegal drugs?  That would ruin his reputation, and the reputation of tennis.


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1 Response to Don’t Judge A Sport By Its Reputation

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    It is intriguing that with all the drug scandals in other sports, one hears very little about tennis. There’s a signficant body of literature for you to explore drug use in sport more broadly. What might be trickier is drawing out the relationships to tennis, and this is a great challenge! It sounds as if your own position in relationship to the sport will be crucial to help you move the project along.

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