Football Season and the playoffs are almost over? I didn’t know it even started…

Hey guys! I am a Communication major with a double minor in business and photography. I grew up in the Bay Area and was a swimmer in high school. I would have to say that sadly my relationship with sports ends there. I have taken up a hobby in dance, but I try to stay updated with the current news about certain sports when I can.

While growing up in the Bay Area I was surrounded by both 49er’s and Raider fans, but unfortunately I never actually had a chance to be exposed to this national sport. The closest contact would be when I joined a females inter mural touch football team. The coach humorously put me up against the biggest girl on the team, and my interest ended when she knocked me to the ground. Although my physical interest to ever participate in this sport no longer exist, I would still love to learn and understand the sport itself. I would also like to research the political side of football. I can’t think of anything in particular, but possibly the financial funding for both individual players of the team and the coach, and also their benefits during their athletic career. Hopefully, with more research I would like to find  what controversies there are in football and how those are portrayed through the many different social mediums.

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One Response to Football Season and the playoffs are almost over? I didn’t know it even started…

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Better get your football watching in now, before it is over! Well, there will surely be lots of rehashing of the season on the sports channels for you to view as well.

    There’s a wealth of questions to consider when thinking about the culture and politics of football. I’m excited to discuss what you notice from your football viewing this weekend.

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