“Have you seen my baseball?”

Hello folks! I guess I can start this blog like the majority with a firm claim to where I am from and my major.  I am a transfer student from the 626, or to those who don’t know, the San Gabriel Valley.  I am a Communication major at this, huge, distinguished university with no intention in adding a minor.  As far as I can remember, I have been an avid sports fan ever since Clinton was inaugurated, or in other words, 2 years-old.  Though I do not remember, there are pictures of me with wearing sports apparel and holding a bat, giving me the assumption that I must have liked sports at that young of an age.  I have participated, competitively, in sports ranging from kickball, flag football, and capture the flag before settling on some middle school basketball and high school baseball.  Baseball, by far holds a special place in my heart, and I probably would continue to be playing if coaches had not dwindled my confidence in the sport.  It is not that I was bad, I actually had a the talent for it, but things just did not work out, so I thought being a fan would be more enjoyable, and it is!  As I look to graduate this spring, I hope to pursue a career within the managing department of a major league baseball team, and I figured this class would help broaden my knowledge about the sport I love.

Like I briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, I hope this class will help expand my knowledge with baseball to give me more of an insight into a possible career.  The other reason I took this course is because it had ‘sports’ in the title of the course.  I assume this is a common reason why most of you took this course, because, one, we go to UCSD, and sports are a fable of this campus, or at least knowledge of sports happening are, and two, it is a communication course that does not give signs of drabby theoretical ideas about how a tree has different connotations to each human being.

As for my sport of choice, if you did not get the, “There’s Something About Mary”, reference in the title, I chose baseball!  As much as I read about or watch it, something new happens every year.  I especially hope to explore the current issues within the sport like the thought of a salary cap, the new foreign player bid policy, along with the current issue of allowing fans to have a say in Hall of Fame voting.  Baseball is constantly changing so it can keep the attention of its viewers because, to many, baseball is just too long and boring, but I hope with the help of this class, I can wake some of you up.


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1 Response to “Have you seen my baseball?”

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Being new to this campus, I’m unfamiliar with the sport culture at UCSD. I look forward to learning more about it from you and other students in this class. And while we may not talk about “how a tree has different connotations to each human being,” we will be dealing with a number of theoretical models as they apply to sports. After all, isn’t it quite interesting how sports means different things and takes on different meanings to different people?

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