I Pledged a Fraternity, And Didn’t Even Know It.


I’m a Senior Communications major from Marshall College and have always been interested in the sport of football. Now that the introduction is over, i’ll let you in on my life and tell you how the sport of football shaped the individual I am today. I remember when I was younger I always wanted to play the sport but could not because I was was obese and overweight. As I became older and entered high school, my large frame became useful and thus led to my journey of “pledging” to the fraternity known as football. A pledge is a solemn promise to uphold traditions and morals of a specific group or organization. Now let me be clear here, I’m not saying I dedicated my life and worship the sport of football, but the bond that was created through the sport in a sense was the fraternity that I was initiated into. From the long 2-a-day practices to preparing for playoff games on Thanksgiving, the sport of football has taught me many life lessons that I still carry with me today.

Upon entering UCSD, my high school football teammates served as “brothers” and was my support system in helping me achieve my goals. After having graduated high school and entering UCSD, I knew that there was no other choice to achieve the brotherhood I once had than none other than joining a fraternity. So I did. After having joined a fraternity in my second year of college, I found the brotherhood I was looking for but still yet incomplete somehow. I had the support system and everything that I needed but still could not understand why I was continuously unhappy. After much reflection on my high school memories, I found out why I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the support system that I needed to achieve, It was that I wasn’t invested in the very thing that I worked all of high school for, a college education.

When entering UCSD I knew that they were not a primary Division 1 school and that they did not have a football team. With knowing such information, I still chose to enroll anyway because it was a great school. After a few quarters here at UCSD, I became depressed but could not figure out why I was sad. As I walked around campus, I noticed the majority of students would walk with their heads down and often times would be non-approachable. As I talked to my twin sister at UC Berkeley who was having the time of her life, a revelation came upon me. Although it is a rather simple one( and that the majority of students know), UCSD has been plagued with not producing the school spirit that is needed to employ a healthy campus climate for students. After having such an experience, I am in interested in how Division 1 Sports affect the social climate of a particular institution and how does it affect the mental of its resulting student body.

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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    This is a really interesting topic, and promises to bring up many controversial questions. One question that immediately surfaces in my mind is why does sport serve as such a powerful bonding tool for so many people? This was particularly on my mind today as I rode around town listening to cheers and screams of agony emerging from many houses and bars during the Chargers game. Are there other options, or other sites for such solidarity? And what is the costs of investing in the acheivement of big-time teams? This is also a hot topic given the financial crisis of higher education and the high costs of college sports, which most often do not pay for themselves. But some places they do, and many argue that they bond alumni to the school and thus increase giving. There’s some great scholarly sources on this topic for you to explore.

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