Introduction to Rugby

I’m a second year communication major at UCSD and consider myself an avid sports fan. However, for most of my life the only activities that constituted my idea of sports were whatever were being played on ESPN or shown on Sportscenter. So growing up I followed basketball, football, and baseball very closely at both the pro and collegiate levels. The vast majority of my friends that played sports or considered themselves sports fans were usually involved in one of these sports or soccer. Growing up in California as I did, these sports were the most popular and most widely available to play and therefore became my sports of choice.
For the purposes of this project I want to leave my comfort zone of traditional American sports and explore a sport I have recently become aware of. Last year a friend of mine was recruited to come tryout for the UCSD Men’s Rugby team. At the time my friend had no idea about how to play the game and was reluctant to go tryout. Fast-forward to this year and my friend is now in the starting lineup for the team. So since he has come such a long way in such a short time and has come to enjoy the sport of rugby, I have decided I would like to study more about the sport. Rugby is very popular in Europe and several other regions in the world, but is mostly an afterthought in America. With the aid of my friend I hope to learn how to play the sport and learn why it is so popular outside the US.

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One Response to Introduction to Rugby

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’m excited that you are using this class as an opportunity to expand your horizons. I imagine your friend will be a great resource. Will you also be attending games (if the season is on right now) or practices? I’d be interested to know more about the historical origins of rugby, particularly as it relates to U.S. football.

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