Just run the bases and score a touchdown….or something like that

Hi all! I am a second year student from LA studying communication and business. First and foremost, just to clarify the title of this post, I am aware that there are no touchdowns in baseball. But the fact remains that I know very little about sports in general. Unlike a lot of my classmates, I did not grow up playing sports. In terms of after-school activities, my siblings and I took the musical instrument route rather than sports. In all honesty, I regret never being involved with a sport, which is part of the reason why I took this class. I admire the solidarity that I have observed in the sports teams at my high school and here at UCSD as well. I am excited to study the cultural elements and implications of sports in this class.

For my project, I chose football because it has always been the one sport I enjoyed watching. Besides a few weeks during high school P.E class, I have never played football. That is why I am especially excited for the “learning through doing” portion of the project. I no longer have an excuse to skip out on the Saturday football games that my church friends invite me to participate in week after week. I have always been exposed to football, but I never stepped outside of my comfort zone to learn more about it and get involved. My friends and family, especially my father, have always been very involved with the sport whether it was through watching Monday night football each week, getting all riled up for the Superbowl, or through actually playing. I saw that same enthusiasm for football at the ever popular Friday night football games at my high school. I have always been surrounded by the sport and enjoyed watching games, but now I am prepared to not only take an active part in the game, but also to find out some of the cultural aspects of football.

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1 Response to Just run the bases and score a touchdown….or something like that

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’m glad this class is giving you the chance to jump in and participate! It will be exciting to see how this gives you a new sense of the sport that you have spectated up until now. The bonding aspect of sport is quite powerful, and I’ve always wondered how it operates differently (or not) in play versus in spectating. Enjoy!

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