Life of a PreMed Communications Major

Dating back to my first semester in community college I knew I had the desire to go Pre-Med and my desire was always to work with athletes. My goals and aspirations all lead to the fact that I one day want to be a Sports Medicine/Orthopedics doctor to help athletes live up to their full and utmost potential. Now as a third year, first year transfer at UCSD, I find myself to be a double major with Biochemistry/Cell Biology and Communications as my majors of choice. My odd combination of majors is something I find unique yet very true to myself. Science is my passion and communication is my value. I use those two main aspects of my majors as a basis for my Pre-Med lifestyle and utilize those qualities in my endeavor to one day be a doctor. The Cultural Politics of Sports communication class seemed to be a way for me to merge both my majors and experience something that would aid me in my ultimate career goal. For this course I chose my sport of choice to be Boot camp: Strength and Flexibility which in itself challenges the traditional definition of a sport. The traditional definition of a sport posed by states “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical process and often of a competitive nature” Boot camp is a showmanship of great athletic ability, but is not a common or traditional type of activity one would associate with the word “Sport.” Boot camp is a fitness practice that it used by gymnasts, athletes and the military alike. The many different forms of boot camp provide variety that adds to the overall athleticism that boot camp provides that could in turn earn it the title of being a sport.

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1 Response to Life of a PreMed Communications Major

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    That sounds like a great double major to bring into med school. It will give you a well-roundedness that will undoubtedly benefit you as you move forward with your career goals.

    Studying Boot Camp fitness courses will give you a great chance to learn about the rise of these classes and their cultural significance. I find their popularity fascinating, and look forward to learning more about their origins and growth from your project.

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