Football: Essential Americana

Hi everyone! Like many of you in this class, my major is Communication. I’m a third year student, and I love playing and watching almost any sport. My parents enrolled me in swim lessons when I was in preschool and once I was able to swim on my own, I decided I wanted to continue competitively. Up until the end of high school, being on a team was a huge part of my life and a great way to stay in shape. In middle school I tried out tennis, but I was never as interested or invested with it as much as swimming.

The sport that I have chosen for this project is American football. When I was growing up, watching football every Sunday and Monday night was a family-oriented activity. No other sport had so much prominence in our household, except for swimming (and that was only because all of my siblings and I swam). I despised the sport and everything about it since sitting in front of the TV for hours seemed like a waste of time together as a family. Fast forward to freshman year of high school and I became one of the biggest football fans in my family and a proud supporter of my bay area team.

Instead of choosing swimming, I chose football because of its centrality in American culture. Once I was better able to understand how the sport was played, I began to appreciate it much more. There are so many unexplored or ignored cultural, political, and economic implications football has on society. For example, despite the massive female fan bases of many NFL teams, there is a lack of representation of women who play the sport. It would be interesting to explore the reasoning behind this, as well as what makes football such a popular sport across the United States, but has yet to catch on in a similar scale in other countries.

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3 Responses to Football: Essential Americana

  1. draftwizard says:

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  2. draftwizard says:

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  3. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’m curious to hear more about what made you change from a hater to a lover of football. Do you feel as if watching football is a good way to spend time together as a family now? If so, what other than learning more about the game changed your mind? Bonding over sport fandom has always been a strange and fascinating phenomenon to me. I’m intrigued to hear stories of the converted.

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