Soccer? Football?

Hi everyone, I am a transfer student from the Diablo Valley College, which is located in Pleasant Hill, California. As most of you guys, I am majoring in Communication and this is just my second quarter in UCSD, which means I am still a Junior. I usually identified as a active, out-going person that addicted in every Sports.

Because of my father is the player in amateur football team, I had a chance to play football since I was a little kid. Also, because of my father, I was always jogging with him during the weekends.  When I was in High School, I joined many school team, football, athletic, handball, cross-country and table-tennis. Although I had more achievements in different sport, my favorite had never changed. I love football. Because I like the way that communicate with the my teammates on the green field. I enjoy the moment that celebrate with the audience after the goal. It is  just amazing. This is also a reason why football is the most famous sport in the world. But, after I came the United States, everything has changed.

I am an international Student, so English is not even my mother language. But what I believe is, Sport is always a common language that connect our world. I still remember that the first time I played soccer in my college field. And I noticed that football is not football in the United States during the conversation with my new friends. In most of the world, football is a common term to describe a Sport that use the foot to play it mostly. But in America, football is soccer. Football is a very famous Sport that make every American addicted to it, but soccer is not until David Beckham came. In the coming day, I want to think deeply to know how American fall in love with football instead of soccer. Moreover, I am willing to know more about the culture of American football which can help me to get more involvement to the US society.




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One Response to Soccer? Football?

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    This is a great topic to explore. The reading for Monday will help to explain the origins of American football, though there is much more scholarly literature on this topic worth finding. What’s also fascinating is that in terms of youth leagues, soccer is more popular than American football. Yet, at the professional level people in the U.S. are much more obsessed with American football. Some posit this will change with new generations and changing migration patterns, but others hold that this is unlikely. The concept of “American exceptionalism” and the critique of this idea will likely be helpful in assisting you to unravel this riddle.

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