Stilettos vs. Sports

Hi Everyone! I am a senior double major in Communications and Sociology.  Beyond school, I am the captain of the UCSD Club Field Hockey Team and a member of Delta Gamma.  My life can be pretty accurately summed up by the chaos that stems from my two very opposing sides of self.  On one side, I am a very girly girl who loves fashion and getting her nails done.  This is the side of me that got me to join a sorority and forces me to have way too many pairs of shoes in my closet.  It is also the side that has inspired me to want to become a writer for a fashion magazine after college.  However, my other side is made up of a tomboy who loves to do anything with fitness whether it is hiking, running, or anything where I can get down and dirty in the mud.  This side inspired me to start playing field hockey years ago.  This side of me also hates fashion and wears sweatpants whenever possible.  My life is a bit of an oxymoron, but I would never give up either side of myself.  Rather I love the unique person I have become and the different worlds I have been able to experience.

In this class, I believe my sporty tomboy side will be more evident.  I have been playing sports since before I can remember, quite literally because I have a terrible memory.  I started off playing soccer at the age of 6 and played all the way until age 14.  My team was ranked number one in the nation and I was being recruited to begin training in the Olympic Development Program as soon as I reached high school.  However, despite the tremendous success of my career and the many opportunities it had and was going to bring me, I had fallen out of love with the sport.  My team’s success only created more pressure from coaches and parents to remain on top.  This caused us to train twice a day, everyday for hours before we even entered our teens.  With such focus on being the best and winning over everything else, I found myself fed up with what soccer had become to me.

It was then that I decided to start playing field hockey.  I joined my middle school’s team and quickly fell in love with the sport.  I then played throughout high school and have continued my career in college.  In high school I was faced with the tough decision if I wanted to play in college or not.  I was very torn because I did want to play NCAA hockey, however I feared that the pressures brought on by that commitment could cause me to fall out of love with the sport, like it had done with soccer.  I ultimately decided not to commit and came to UCSD for academics.  However, to my surprise and joy, I found upon entering freshmen year that UCSD had a club team.  I joined right away and played all four years.  My time playing has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.


The sport I have chosen to study is thus the one so close to my heart, field hockey.  I have chosen to study it not only because of how much I love it, but also because I want to learn more about it.  Despite playing for over 8 years now I still have so much to learn about it’s history and even more to learn on the field.  Particularly, my interest is going to be in indoor field hockey, which is completely different in equipment, rules, and strategy than the hockey I know and love.


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1 Response to Stilettos vs. Sports

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    The dichotomy you set up (tomboy vs. girly girl) is interesting and makes me want to ask why they often seem exclusionary? How have they come to be seen as separate things, and why? Is this changing? This could be interesting to think about moving forward, particularly around your interest in fashion. There’s a lot to be said and researched about the intersection of sport and fashion, which could be a productive angle for you to take, and might be productive in moving you toward your career goals.

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