Taking off my heals and trading them in for some running shoes

I my name is Charlene and I am third year Communications major with a business minor.Sports have always been a large part of my life. Coming from a large family I have always found myself at some type of sporting event, whether I was at a soccer game supporting my sister, to the track field supporting my brothers, and even for my own games and competitions. I have always participated in some type of sport from soccer, ice skating, equestrian, softball, volleyball, competitive swim, and now Women’s Rugby. I have been extremely fortunate to play sports. Sports have had a large impact in my life. Since the house I grew up in was sports oriented, I often grew up watching sports center as well as having some type of game or competition being shown in my house. Ultimately making me more and more fascinated with the discipline that the talented athletes possessed.

I have found this course to be interesting because I feel like I have only really been only exposed to male sports on television except for when the Olympics are on (which only occur every other year for about a month.) This class has made me more interested into looking at that there are really no women represented in sports and I would like to look more into it. Since I am a woman athlete I would love to learn more about women who have created an impact in the sports world.

I have decided to study the sport of running. Although I am an athlete I absolutely dislike running, but I feel like this class has given me the opportunity to better my self in running. I realize that this will be a challenge for me, but I want to be able to challenge my self to become a better athlete. I plan to look into the running ‘Boom’ as well as why marathons and other races such as 5k’s and obstacle course races such as the “Tough Mudder.” I feel like studying this sport I will me that more determined to be a better runner and a stronger athlete.

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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    This is a great cultural phenomenon to study. There was a previous running boom in the 1970s that might be helpful to research as a comparative site. I also noted that you said running would help you to better yourself. This brings up the complex relationship sport (and particular sporting activities) develop to ethics and morality. Why is it that participation in sports is imagined to make us “better people?” The readings for this week can help us to understand some of the historical complexities of this question, but they are different today in ways worth exploring.

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