The Fascinating & Unpredictable Sport: Baseball

Hi everyone! I am a third year Revelle student and like many of you, I am a Communication major. I just transferred from Irvine Valley College last year, and this is my second quarter at UCSD. When I was little, swimming was my passion. I remember myself being excited to go to the pool after school and taking swim lessons, especially on hot days. As I learned new swimming techniques every week, I realized myself being able to swim longer and faster, and I gained confidence and became more motivated in swimming. This is one of the few sport experiences I have in my life; for most of the time, I prefer watching sports on TV. I enjoy watching various types of sports: swimming, soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and ice-skating.

I have chosen to study baseball instead of swimming because my current interest is in watching baseball games. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan, my home country. It is an intense, entertaining sport that attracts and fascinates many Japanese people. There are many fantastic baseball players (like Ichiro and Matsui) who make contracts with U.S baseball teams, and their negotiations regarding their annual salaries always grab people’s attentions. One of the things I like about baseball games is that you see a drama hidden behind the game scenes. Teamwork is the most significant factor for success in baseball; one’s contribution leads to the team’s victory. The smooth ball hitting and catching movements are results of hard practicing and the development of companionships. Their strong bonds sometimes make miracles during games. It is difficult for the audience to predict the game result because there are miracles, such as having two consecutive homeruns in a row. No one can predict what will happen, and this is what makes baseball an interesting sport to watch. It is heartwarming to watch the players hugging each other when they win, and this moment is priceless. Along with my interest in baseball, I am very curious about the political aspects of this sport. I would like to expand my field of knowledge and began observing baseball not only from the entertainment perspective but from the political perspective.

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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    You bring up some interesting points about the transnational interest in baseball. One thing that could be interesting to think about is how the cultures of baseball remain united, while still distinct in different countries (such as the U.S. and Japan). One thing I notice in your short piece is the emphasis you place on the team dynamics, which differs from the focus of mainstream media, which tends to emphasize the achievements of the individuals (pitchers, the home run slugger). This and other cultural aspects of baseball will be fun to explore.

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