“What the heck is Curling?”

Hey everyone! I’m a Junior transfer from the central valley in Northern California and am majoring in Communication with a minor in Music. I look forward to having a career in the music and recording industry one day. Although I enjoy watching sports, I was never really ever good at them as a kid. I was too slow at running, unmotivated, and too lazy to remember the rules. Yeah, I was that kid who was more excited about the juice boxes and snacks after the game, rather winning the game itself. I still appreciate the fact that my parents tried to get me involved with sports though.

While I enjoy watching my San Francisco giants play every summer, I am also a huge fan of winter sports.  My dad is a Canadian citizen and hockey is a HUGE sport over there. Babies are taught to ice skate before they can even walk….Ok, not really. But I suppose you get the point I’m trying to make. I have grown to become a big fan of hockey and follow the San Jose Sharks regularly each season.  We also have a minor leage AA hockey team in town, the Stockton Thunder, where I try to attend as many games as I can. While I would love to choose hockey for this project, I’ve found another ice sport which intrigues me even more.


At the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel did a segment on the U.S. Mens Curling team. Team captain John Shuster was interviewed with the rest of the team talking about how they seem to be the butt of the U.S. Olympic team’s jokes and were questioned as to if there really is any hard work involved in the sport. Many Americans seem to be quick to dismiss it without actually watching the sport. After the segment aired, I ended up following the Curling team and watching all of their matches throughout the Olympics. The sport is both mentally and physically strategic. I still don’t totally understand all of the rules, which is why I have chosen to research this sport and learn more about it. I can’t wait to parallel my project with the actual Olympic Curling matches that will be going on throughout February in Sochi.

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1 Response to “What the heck is Curling?”

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’m so excited you are studying curling! It’s one of those sports that lives more as an imaginary idea/joke than a reality that people understand, which makes it ripe for cultural analysis. Too bad there’s no intramural curling team, but I imagine ice sports aren’t highly popular in this land of sun and sand. The Olympics is a great time when this hidden sports gain renewed prominence. I look forward to your analysis!

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