Breaking the Ice

Hey guys! My name is Kevin and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I transferred to UCSD from Santa Monica Community College with a major in Communications and a minor in environmental studies. I can say with confidence that sports plays a huge roll every single day of my life, whether I’m on the basketball court, or watching only one channel on TV, ESPN. My loving of basketball stemmed from age 4 or 5 when my mother had bought me one of those tiny basketball hoops that hangs on the top of doors. Since then, it has been my life. In high-school I played all four years on the team and is really the only sport I take the seriously. I have the same experience with snowboarding and had been sponsored by Snow Summit (Big Bear) for 3 seasons. Besides basketball and snowboarding, I am a huge sports fan and very fluent in playing almost every other nationally televised sport (Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf etc.).

Their was one sport that had never phased me at all and it was Hockey. Anytime I would come across it on TV, I would flip channels immediately and was always somewhat uninterested. Ironically, my closest friend since birth is the biggest LA Kings Fan on earth and his love for professional hockey (NHL) is unparalleled. Anytime we were together watching sports, we would argue because I hated Hockey so much and refused to watch one quarter. What is crazy is I don’t even know why I hate it. I love all sports and am a huge competitor but still do not know why I never liked Hockey.

After our project was explained full circle, I knew what I had to do. I actually have to now man up and study the sport I was never interested it. It will give me the ability to understand what it is like to be a hockey player in a very roughhouse sport. I feel like this is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and be able to take part and watch almost any sport, especially professional hockey.

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1 Response to Breaking the Ice

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Sounds like you will be rounding out your profile of big-time sports with the addition of hockey. I’m sure your friend will be pleased, and a willing guide. It will be interesting to see how this sport shares (or does not share) similar cultural traits and political concerns with other major men’s sports. There are many directions to take this project. Good luck!

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