I am a fourth year communications major from the Bay Area. Growing up in the Bay Area specifically Hayward, I’ve always been around sports especially baseball and football. Basically since I was born I have been an A’s fan and Raiders fan because of my family. My family being extremely sport oriented heavily influenced my ties to sports. Growing up I played softball and volleyball but stopped playing once I started college. Because sports have always been a huge part of my life I plan to continue a path in the sports industry mostly geared towards media production. I aspire to one day work closely with the Oakland Athletics in their media production from live coverage, reporting, interviewing and things of that sort. I feel that taking this class is perfect because I have always been a spectator of sports but it would be extremely helpful to learn more about the politics that surrounds it. And in order to know more about the politics I am going to choose baseball as my sport. Specifically I want to research the absence of the female in Major League Baseball. Not in terms of females playing but in the media that surrounds baseball. It is a topic that I want to focus on because of the fact that I am working towards one day joining this industry as a female. Usually females in sports media are behind the scenes or if they are in front of the camera they are most of the time given minimal roles. So I want to delve into this topic and see why this is the case.


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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Great choice of direction for this class. I’m always happy when a student finds a way to link their own aspirations to course assignments. There’s some great research on the absence of women in sports media that can help you to historicize the problem, and understand its nuances. One of the common arguments for a sport such as baseball is that since most women never played baseball (especially at an elite level), they are not fit to commentate, etc. There’s lots of good counterarguments to this line of reasoning, though. I’m excited to see how this project develops and helps you in your career goals.

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