Ocean Minded

How goes it everyone! My name is Chris and I am a transfer student from San Luis Obispo studying communications. I was born and raised in the Monterey Bay and moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cuesta College and run track and cross country. I am taking this class because I share the interest in not only communications, but sports like everyone else and hope to broaden my view and knowledge about social and political issues inside the world of athletics. Being a distance athlete my whole life competing in cycling, track, and cross country I have acquired a lot knowledge about the mindset and fitness of a distance athlete. Being an avid outdoors person I am naturally attracted to nature and outdoor recreation such as backpacking, long day hikes, kayaking, and surfing. My biggest passion although would be my love and respect for the ocean. Growing up surfing and living in a ocean conscientious area like the Monterey Bay, I have been fascinated about oceanography and the science behind surfing ever sense I was a kid. Moving to San Diego and coming to UCSD couldn’t have been a better fit, living just a block or two from the beach allows me to surf almost every day and be an ocean slave constantly reading swell forecasts and being in tune with the tides and weather patterns.

I am choosing surfing as my sport of interest because like any other surfer it is my passion as well as my lifestyle. The sport itself was not always recognized as a professional sport but now, it can be seen as a huge commercialized sport with a numerous sponsors, events, and contests. The sport itself took a long time to get there and has faced great amateur and pro surfers with a number of hurtles and challenges that interest me, which I hope to learn even more about those different aspects of the sport. Working as a Surf Instructor in Ocean Beach, I am also very fortunate enough to have the pleasure to share the joy of surfing with other people and teach them a little bit about why us “salty-ocean-minded” people, are so obsessed with the sea and the constant search for the perfect wave. So I look forward to sharing with everyone what I find and maybe look into trying to surf one day if you haven’t already!

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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’ve also chosen surfing for the sport I’ll be personally learning more about while teaching this class. Being in San Diego, it seems a reasonable choice. (I’ve never lived by the ocean before, so it’s never been an option in the past.) I’m really intrigued by your statement that for all surfers, it is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle. This is similar to the attitude of many mountain bikers I studied previously. I’m curious about how these two sports overlap and differ in this way. Be careful about your generalizations, though. You assume that everyone in the class has an interest in sport, but from reading the posts so far, I’m not sure that’s totally accurate. Just a reminder to make sure you are specific with your statements.

    I advise looking ahead to the reading on surfing on the syllabus. I also have a number of other recommendations for readings to supplement your project. Email me and I’ll send you more specifics!

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