Oh, You’re a surfer? How many drugs do you do?

Hey, everyone! My name’s Andy.  I transferred from Orange Coast College last year, and this is my second year in Marshall as a Comm major/Business Minor at UCSD.  I chose this school for a few reasons, but the obvious one that won me over was the campus’ location to the famous surf spot Blacks.  When my head isn’t buried in the books here, you can find me catching waves at Blacks or Scripps. As an avid surfer, I will pay anything to find epic surf even if it requires running down the long, unstable, steep-trail, and mistakingly running into naked old men (Blacks nude beach). I run off of adrenaline seeking activities and have a passion for the elements of nature; the ocean, environment, and atmosphere. Off subject, but my other passion and potential career is aviation. As an Instrument, rated pilot with 250 hours and legally allowed to fly IFR “clouds” solo I understand weather patterns. I read a bit of surfer magazine; I’m always updating myself on the surf report, or any other fascinating article about the sports progression, and including newly discovered foreign countries far away that have potentially good surf.

I chose this sport because I have a lot of knowledge and passion for it; I’ve worked as a surf instructor for the UCSD Recreation Surf department for three quarters now.  I have a well rounded understanding for its’ culture because I am a part of it. I could tell you everything about the sport from the basic fundamentals to the wide differences among longboard, mid-length, short board surfing styles.  Surfing truly is a beautiful sport because it’s one of the few out there that involves the freedom of fluidity; It’s an art form in motion.  It’s more spiritual than aggressive. Oh, and if you were going to ask me if I do drugs….I’m going to say no.  Although, being in the sun and salt water can take its toll on me.  I look forward to writing and sharing my knowledge about surfing.  If you haven’t had a chance to get to the famous glider port yet to see the waves at Blacks from the cliffs on an epic day…here you go…



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1 Response to Oh, You’re a surfer? How many drugs do you do?

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’ve chosen to explore the same sport, though I have no experience whatsoever with surfing. I’ve done research in the area, as it shares many attributes with mountain biking, my site of study. When you say “newly discovered foreign countries,” you make it sound as if the countries where just discovered, not the surf’s potential. That language also resonates with some issues discussed in the scholarly literature on surfing. Email me and I can share some article that address this, as well as the balance between the spiritual and competitive sides of surfing.

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