Taking the First Steps

Hello Everyone,

I’m a San Diego local born and raised to love sports. Growing up I was frequently taken to Padres games and always watched the Charger’s at our family’s Sunday barbecue, although San Diego doesn’t have a basketball team, I was raised to bleed purple and gold for the Lakers. Besides my love for watching sports, I am even more passionate about being active and playing sports. I’ve been playing softball and basketball since I was nine, and I also played both throughout high school including volleyball all four years.

Throughout high school the women’s teams were always better than the men’s teams, so I never realized any inequalities that could have been there. Looking back, I believe I was blind to any situations that could have been there because of the way that I perceived sports media. I’ve always just followed all the updates on Sports Center without even questioning the content that they chose to highlight. With the description of this course I found it interesting to know beyond what is fed to us through mediated sports news.

Recently I’ve become determined to run a marathon and get back into my athletic competitive mindset, this class actually encouraged me to not only go through with this goal, but it also sparked an interest in the culture that runners live in. With a continuing knee injury at the end of my senior year in highschool, I decided I needed to give my body a rest specifically to focus more on my academic career and to appreciate that I was still able to be active without too much of a continuously hard activity. This has been a struggle for me, especially with identifying myself as an athlete the majority of my life. I have such a competitive side to me, that I can really turn anything into a competition with a mindset to win and refusing to lose, so with this, I’ve decided to do my project on running and get back in the game.

From what runners are recommended to eat, wear, how they’re expected to run, and their expected body type, I want to learn more about the world that runners live in. With the help of getting trained from a former UCSD Track and Cross Country runner, I’m looking forward to learning the fundamentals of another sport on top of doing the research that will help me broaden my knowledge of the politics and culture of sports.


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1 Response to Taking the First Steps

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’m happy that this assignment motivated you toward a personal goal! As a longtime runner, I always appreciate when someone comes to the activity. I’ll be curious to see what aspect of running/marathoning draws you in as you get more familiar with the activity and its surrounding culture. Good luck to you!

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