The thrill and the rush…watch out for that tree!!!!


My name is Kaylee. I am a junior here. Also, a Communications major and Business minor. I have been extremely fortunate enough to always have been involved in sports. I am the oldest of six children and we were all involved in at least one club, sport, or activity of some type ALL year. I was involved in dance, softball, basketball, some volleyball, and did some on and off MMA sparring/wrestling during high school with friends. I just got into downhill mountain bike free riding and have been riding dirt bikes and quads my whole life.

Already this class has made me realize that I don’t actually see women sports on television and how skewed mediasport really is.

My sport that I am going to focus on is downhill mountain biking. I chose this sport because as I previously mentioned, I actually have gotten involved with the sport (kind of unwillingly). My boyfriend and a lot of his friends are in this sport and while my boyfriend only started riding a few weeks before I started, he already has a large skill lead on me. I want to learn more about the sport and how to be a part of it. This is a fast growing sport, it’s worldwide, there are amazing tricks and history being made already, and there are so many cultural variations that it is really interesting to see. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to take me traveling so we can experience new places while doing what we enjoy.

About knwhite

I am a 21 year old from San Diego California. I have a lot of ambition and a lot of goals for my life. I am trying to live a positive life and make the most of everything that I have. I am hoping to inspire others to look at the positive side of things in their life.
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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I imagine your background in dirt bikes will really help with downhill riding. A lot of pro downhillers also do dirt biking as part of their training. This can be a super interesting site for analysis, based on my own research in mountain biking (though I didn’t write much about downhilling persay). I can give you some information about the first mountain biking race–Repack. It was a downhill race done on old cruiser bikes (before proper mountain bikes were invented. Look it up. Charlie Kelly has the best website on the topic. And you’ll have to enlighten me to the good local trails!

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