the child

I was born into a strict family which has kept me questioning the morals and culture of life ever since. I was taught that my culture was the right one, and other families were doing it all wrong. As I grew up I realized this was a major problem.

I’ve fallen into the communication department with an open mind and I simply hope to learn more about all there is to know. I love to question everything and be silent at the same time. I have a complicated mind and the most simplistic thought pattern. I’m a walking contradiction. I probably don’t belong in this class because I have no interest in the sports world but I want to learn about it. I have no clue what this class is going to be like but I’m ready to dive in.

Within in this class I hope to gain more knowledge about the sports world. I never played sports; I was too uncoordinated. I never watched sports religiously; I was too uninformed. My family is a basketball family though. We love it. I know nothing about it, but I love it too. I want to explore the world these athletes live in and how their culture is different from the one I’m living in. I started watching basketball because my uncle was a huge Laker fan and at family parties he would be in front of the TV the whole time. I found my curiosity for basketball there.

I also want to explore why when men see woman really into a certain sport they think it’s only to please them. Some woman are truly dedicated to the sport and follow it but they’re still criticized when they watch a game or play the game. These women can probably name all the athletes on the teams, all the shots they’ve made, but they’re still seen as a girl that doesn’t know anything. I’ve experience both sides of this situation and I want learn more about the history in this class.

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2 Responses to the child

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    It’s interesting to me that the Lakers seem to be a team that reaches individuals and families with very few other ties to sports. Growing up in Chicago during the era of Michael Jordan, the Bulls were that for my family and me. I appreciate your openness and sharing, and hope this class is helpful for you in your personal and academic growth. Your questions regarding gender and sport are also quite productive and worth exploring.

  2. Sarah McCullough says:

    Also, precisely how do you plan to personally engage with basketball during the course of this class?

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