Dancing With a Touch of Creativity with an Attitude of a Diva

“I just want to twirl around with the ribbon and dance my heart away!”

I used to say that when I was younger according to my mother after I watched a rhythmic gymnastics video. It’s interesting because sometimes I stumble on a video of Son Yeon Jae, a South Korean rhythmic gymnast, performing and still have that same line in mind. I do not have a background in sports and quite frankly do not know much about sports. I can name maybe 5 basketball players if I try very hard and maybe even a couple of different teams. I never sat down to really watch a game or match, but whenever I stumbled upon a video or flipped through the channel, I would be drawn to the game/match. There is something that intrigues me about sports. I really want to dive deeper into the meanings and relationships that the “sports world,” which I’m clearly not too familiar with, has with my life and how sports influences different aspects of my public sphere.

With all that being said, I would like to share a bit of information about myself. I am a Communications and Political Science double major. I picked this class, because I want to learn more about sports and how it affects my life both intentionally and unintentionally. I mainly chose this course in order to learn new things and also research more on rhythmic gymnastics because I have always been a fan of the sport!


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2 Responses to Dancing With a Touch of Creativity with an Attitude of a Diva

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    I’m curious as to the extent you have continued to spectate or participate in rhythmic gymnastics since your youth. Did you ever do any sort of gymnastics? How do you plan to engage with this sport weekly as part of the class? Will you try learning some of the techniques? I’m sure there’s online tutorials for such things? Will you spectate competitions? Learn how to become a more in-depth fan?

  2. esthermycho says:

    Hello Professor,

    I have actually never participated in rhythmic gymnastics although I showed a sign of interest when I was younger. I regret not doing any form of gymnastics because I feel as though I would’ve enjoyed it. I tried to find a class I can take last quarter outside of UCSD just to try and do the sport I found interesting, but found many classes that were provided by agencies who taught younger children more than college students. I have actually been researching on rhythmic gymnastics more as I liked to watch the gymnasts use the ribbon and dance. Just this week, I learned that rhythmic gymnastics is not simply just “dancing with a ribbon” but it involves many other objects such as hoops, balls, and ropes. I plan to engage on this sport by watching different rhythmic gymnasts both male and female and trying to see the different ways in which they dance. I realized that the movement that each gymnast makes is different from another and even the fashion choices can tell a lot about the “story” that the gymnast is trying to tell within his/her choreography. Thank you for asking if I would like to learn more of the techniques/learn tutorials. I actually am very interested in learning and even if I do not participate in a class, I think it would be nice to teach myself through videos online as well. I do want to spectate competitions and become more of an indepth fan. I am already learning so much more about the sport than I had anticipated and look forward to being able to see the sport as more than just “dancing and twirling with a ribbon.”


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