American Football Player aren’t Stupid.

American Football, which is considering as a sport that can only exist in the United States because football is all about strength, stamina and run. The football players usually seen as muscular, strong, black and stupid. Football players usually seen as stupid by some ignorant people because what they can see in the field was only run, crash and keep repeating. That is a really annoying stereotype that exist everywhere.

It is time to stop this nonsense. And stop the racism now.

Some scientist researched the brain of blacks are 5% smaller than the whites, thus biased to the blacks are less intelligent than whites by some ignorant people. Although this is the fact, there has no experiments to figure out definitive link between brain size and IQ until now. However, racism occurs.

According to the Bleacher Report, ‘The NFL is made up of 67% black athletes, while the country as a whole is only 12.6% blacks.’ Blacks are kind of dominate the top class of football which represents the other races cannot succeed in this particular sport. No doubt Blacks usually have the higher status in this sport, but they makes this sport become stupid at the same time because of the nonsense logic.

However, there is not only one stereotype in American football. Some people consider this sport as cruel which is never for women to get involve but this is absolutely wrong. From my personal experience, I had attended the NFL match for one time in San Diego. I can see many girls were really exciting about the match, which were not only supporting their team blindly. They know football. They love football. Even they are only audiences in the game, but their passion could be much more than males!

To conclude, I think I cannot be a football player in my life because I am a typical Asian in most of the American’s eyes. But what I do have is, the passion to convince people to see I am difference. I will make people believe an Asian can also be a successful athlete in the world.


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One Response to American Football Player aren’t Stupid.

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    You raise a number of problems around stereotypes of football players. The research you mention, however, is likely not considered valid by other scientists. First of all, race is not considered an actual biological category, and thus not a valid category for such analysis. Second, such research, known as craniometry, was conducted long ago and is now considered as wrong and steeped in racist and sexist ideologies. I’d be interested in seeing your source for this information, in order to understand its context. Regarding your attention to gender, what about the absence of women as football players? This is also a clear example of the stereotype at work.

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