Soccer Is Soccer No Matter Who Plays It

One thing I like about soccer is that there are no changes in rules or equipment no matter who plays it. Unlike other sports, the rules for soccer maintain the same. Sports such as baseball and ice hockey alter their rules based on gender. Baseball changes the ball to a softball for girls and in women’s ice hockey, the strong physical exertion is omitted. However that does not change the idea that soccer is still a man-dominated sport. For example, the men’s World Cup final game had a total of 3.2 billion viewers contrary to the women’s final game with only 63 million viewers.

Something that I find rather interesting is that when it comes to soccer, men go against all norms of the typical man. It is no brainer that society expects men to act manly and strong 24/7 or suffer the consequence of being called ‘gay.’ When men play sports it is standard for them to show no fear or weakness. If injured, they are expected to act tough and keep playing. However, I have noticed that this does not pertain to soccer games. Watching men’s soccer games, I have captured the “bromance” that is expressed during the game. In football, guys are not afraid to show their love towards each other through physical acts. They show their affection towards each other by hugging, kissing, jumping on each other and touching each other in reassuring ways throughout the game. It is very reminiscent as to how women act during soccer games. Despite the similar emotions being showcased during the game, men are still perceived as strong, athletic, masculine athletes.

Being a participant in this game, I think that I conform the typical representation of soccer. Personally I enjoy watching men’s soccer games over women’s soccer games because I find them more entertaining. Maybe it has to do with the idea that I grew up watching soccer with my mother and we never watched women’s soccer. I just think that men’s soccer games are much more competitive and more thrilling to watch.  This just coincides with the idea that sports are for men since I am choosing to watch men’s soccer and not women’s soccer.



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One Response to Soccer Is Soccer No Matter Who Plays It

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Good analysis of the different models of masculinity in football versus soccer. Have you considered that this might have to do with the internationalism of soccer versus the U.S.-centric nature of football? Soccer may thus embrace varying versions of masculinity that are less dominant in the U.S. but more commonplace in other countries. This could be an interesting site for analysis.

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