The real runner stereotype

As a newly proclaimed born again runner,I will admit that running has not been easy for me. When I see people run I honestly stereotype runners as a people who are lean, all around fit, and truly enjoy the activity of running. When looking up stereotypes of runners I found it interesting that most people stereotype runners based on the type of runner a person is. To my surprise I did not know that there were so-called different types of runners within the running community. In “Which Runner Stereotype Are You?” from Fleet Feet Savannah web site I learned that there is about eleven stereotype such as the competitor, the wheezer, the gazelle, and the list goes on. These stereotypes are bases on the style that one runs as well as the mentality of the runner. Based upon the description from Fleet feet many people may have different capabilities as well as outlooks on running such as running for fun or running because it is a way to keep the body healthy. The article for example describes the competitor as a person who likes to be in first place position at all times whether it is running in a competition or running with his or her peers. When analyzing the stereotypes I have found that all stereotypes apply to both the male and female gender. Thus, making running a universal sport/ activity for all due to the fact that one simply needs some running shoes a place to run and the motivations to get out and run.

While I was looking at stereotypes, I noticed that I fit into the runner stereotype of the “Wheezer.” This stereotype suggest that this runner is often struggling to run,but continues to run irregardless of how they are doing. Since running has never been my athletic niche I often find myself struggling to keep pace and motivation while I run. Though my cardio is weak I try to excel in different activities such as core, leg, and arms. Although I fit into a stereotype of a weaker runner I do not fit the stereotype that all runners are fit all around and enjoy running. I hope that by the end of this journey I will become a stronger runner and fit a new stereotype.

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2 Responses to The real runner stereotype

  1. Tobi says:

    Aren´t stereotypes rather boring? I checked the list you mentioned, and while I see myself as a runner, there is no stereotype that fitted me perfectly. I have details of multiple ones, but not one really fits.

  2. Sarah McCullough says:

    Did you notice any generalities across the stereotypes, or specifics of subject position within certain stereotypes? It sounds as if gender was consistent across them, but what about other categories of difference? If running is a truly universal sport in its “stereotypes,” this in itself is exceptional and worth considering. What is it about running that makes it so acceptable for all? Has this always been the case? Is this truly the “everyperson” sport?

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