Time to bball!

Hi everyone! This is my third year at UCSD and I just decided to major in communication. I have been in love with sport since my father taught me how to ride a bicycle when I was at 10. I love how relaxed it is when riding bike on the street. Ever since then, I rode my bike to school everyday until I got hit by a car. However, the accident didn’t terminate my passion about biking, I started to do cycling at gym instead. Even though cycling at gym is not as fun as on the street, I enjoy the feeling of harmony among my body. I am glad that I can finally take the class which combines my interest and communication. I want to learn more about how sport connects to communication and how sport engage with society and social media.

I also like watching sport games, especially my favorite basketball games- NBA. Even though I am not very good at playing basketball, I became a fan of watching the games after got into college. Most of the “men” know how to play basketball and NBA could be one of the games that not only the people in United States, but the people all over the world are crazy about it. But why? Therefore, I decide to choose basketball as my sport in order to know more about it. I want to know how basketball influences and affects the society and the politics in universal. Also, the gender issue that relates to basketball will be one of the important topics on my project. For what reason why WNBA(Women’s National Basketball Association) is not as popular as NBA?

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2 Responses to Time to bball!

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Your interest in the globalization of the NBA is a good site for analysis. It immediately brings to mind the current role of Dennis Rodman as a sort of popular ambassador to North Korea. This is a site ripe for good cultural analysis. Your attention to gender is also notable. There is a long history around women’s role in basketball that might be of interest to you. For example, did you know that women were the most prominent players of basketball early on, though in a very different format. There’s some good research on this if you wish to take your project in this direction.

  2. Sarah McCullough says:

    Here’s a link to an article written by a scholar (though not a scholarly source) on the Dennis Rodman/North Korea phenomenon.http://kpolicy.org/the-unorthodox-wisdom-of-dennis-rodman/

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