Whose that nerd?


You may wonder, “Whose that Asian nerd on computer?” That nerd goes by the game user name “DongRaeGu,” and he is currently ranked among the ten E-sports pro gamers who have earned the most prize money, with more than $200,000 won in tournaments (nearly EVERY MONTH).

Many people assume that gamers are nerds. The term “Nerd” is described in urban dictionary as someone whose IQ exceeds his weight. Studying nerds are however different from gaming nerds, and sadly everyone loves to make fun of nerds. This has been the stereotype of participants in the scenery of E-sports. One of the most popular commentators of E-sports named Artosis, often excites fans by constantly saying “Are you guys ready nerds?” – acknowledging that this is how any E-sport related participants are viewed as.

There are many gamers who enjoy playing games for fun, but there also are a lot of people who intensively play games for their careers through a field in E-sports. As E-Sports originated in Korea, people who have slight knowledge about the competitiveness of E-sports know that Koreans dominate in most areas of E-Sports. And that’s where another stereotype arose: “Gamers are Asians (because Koreans are part of Asian family) and are nerdy/nerdy looking.” This stereotype is heavily influenced in the history of E-sports.

So what defines the stereotypical “Asian” gamer? In the picture, first we can see that there’s a logo on the top right side. We know that he’s in a foreign tournament (most likely in USA), because every word is written in English to introduce the player and the picture itself. GomTV.net is considered “The Heart of E-sports” and is a leading global E-sports broadcasting service used by viewers all over the world that was first originated in Korea. The purpose of the channel was to entertain E-sports fans as well as providing scenery of competitiveness of pro-gamers. Even the broadcasting service has its roots in Asia.

We also see in the box of statistics that he holds a record of 8 wins and 2 Losses.  So we’ve got this Asian (fans know he’s Korean) gamer that’s dominating in a foreign competition with a record of 8-2. The graph represents his performances against different competitors, and is on constant rise. Foreign competitions are filled with gamers who are most likely non-Asians and his stats portray much of his power and influence over them. 

This picture eventually is sending a cultural message that Asians are dominant when it comes to E-sports and gaming. Reality is what it is, and this reality of E-sports produces stereotypes which makes all gamers look Asian and nerdy – just like the picture above.

Picture Source Link: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/53292/why-do-pro-gamers-use-two-pairs-of-headphones

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One Response to Whose that nerd?

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Your attention to “nerdiness” in tension with “sportiness” could be a great site for future analysis, since there is such a tension around these two terms. It would be great to hear more about how you see this player’s representation in the image “performing” nerdiness. In other words, how is the phogo fulfilling nerd-expectations? At the same time, how is it challenging them? What I notice is the presence of all sorts of media, which indicates that this is important and people are watching. How does this challenge or change dominant ideas of nerdiness?

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