Flawless in Style

Nike is known for its excellent reputation in shoes, clothes, endorsements, but most importantly style. The name Flyknit for example, fly is known to mean cool in style, and knit meaning to be seamless, this shoe being flawless in style.  Throughout this Nike Flyknit commercial Nike plays with several recurring themes that they argue in their commercial, but I would like to focus on aesthetics.

Nike’s use of a clean backdrops with empty stadiums in Kobe’s first solo shot and most importantly Richard Sherman shot, as he’s in an all white stadium. We are centralized on his body contrasting the stadium and seamlessly flying up the stairs as he’s pumping is his arms we are fixated on the demonstration of what an exceptional human body appears to look like. As he flies up we’re slowed down to focus on his body qualities that we may not have noticed to the naked eye if we were viewing this at normal speed. We are able to focus on his shoulders, biceps, chest, and abs to view what perfection looks like.

We are continued to see the perfect human body as Nike reminds us to focus on how they’ve reached this point, the shoe. But it is no longer Richard Sherman’s shoe, it is now Allyson Felix’s powerful body running on an empty track. We are are drawn to her obvious muscles through the slow motion that Nike has continually created throughout the commercial because Nike wants to illustrate the beauty of musculature. Nike wants their audience to take a moment to appreciate the stunning body that Felix has build to achieve. The reason why Nike portrays her as serene to be poise is now address that a muscular body is no longer only for men but also for women.

As the commercial continues Nike slows down once more as a pause of excellence to show how Ashton Eaton uses his body. When Ashton Eaton leans forward we are able to see Ashton push the boundaries of what typical bodies aren’t capable of. We can see what dedication can reach and how he uses his body so flawlessly to sprint and reach excellence. With Nike’s impeccable timing and their use of empty environment we are able to focus on Ashton’s body and how Nike’s FlyKnit creates the perfect body.

The reason why Nike uses these empty environments, it to get a clear view of a perfect body without tainting it with others who don’t reach their standards. They slow down and focus because we are needed to focus on what strength looks like and what we should aspire to resemble.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.46.39 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.41.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.50.38 PM

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1 Response to Flawless in Style

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    You give great attention to the details of the camera work in this piece. Why do you think these images are so compelling? You do a very good job showing how they are constructed in empty settings with specific slowed camera techniques. But why do you think this is the mode chosen to represent the “perfect” body?

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