I have a Dream.

In last summer, Hong Kong had released a film called ‘Unbeatable’, which is about boxing and MMA. To most of the Americans, those two sports are quite famous because even children can also perceive the knowledge from television. But in Hong Kong, most of the citizens never get involved into boxing. However, this is not the main point for this blog. What I have to say is, this film actually recalled many males in Hong Kong to change their body type, including me.

From this YouTube clip, we can observe all actors were acted like a real boxing player, which had amazing abs, arms and chest.

Who can imagine that result within 6 months?



Nick Cheung, a Hong Kong movie star that usually seen as ‘funny and humorous’. No one can except he had this unbelievable change within six months.

His change inspired all Hong Kong males to think about their own body shape, which including me. He had created a ‘workout trend’ in Hong Kong.

For me, I actually workout so often, like four time a week but those results never reach my expectation. However, after I watched this film, I swore I had to change my body type and I also want to be the one to inspire people to get a better body.

Last week, I joined The Boxing Club with my roommates in San Diego finally.

I had my first boxing class in last Thursday. Because that was my first lesson, so I had to go earlier to learn how to wear the boxing wraps and the gloves. OMG! It seems easy, but actually it wasn’t. To be honest, I am still confusing about the process of wearing the boxing wraps now. However, the environment was quite comfortable, which was clean, had enough sunlight, and the tools were pretty new. I thought it would be a very chill and relaxable class that help me to change my body type easily. But the nightmare just started.

In the first 15 minutes of the lesson, we had to do something warm up exercise, like jogging, squats and some basic punches and hooks. It seems easy, but when you put all those exercises together, it become harder and harder. Afterward, we started to do the real boxing training. The teacher taught how to punch and hook better with different combination, like punch, punch, hook or punch, hook, punch. We had did like ten non-stoppable combination to punch and hook. I was totally exhausted after those boxing training. I could feel my hands were disconnected with my body. And I was sweating like after swimming. I was totally wet. However, it was not the end. In last 10- 15 minutes, teacher ordered us to do some abs exercises to increase the strength of core.

Finally, I survived. I used my last huge breath to finish 50 sit-ups. And the teacher said, ‘Well done guys, Do you guys like it?’ ‘Yea!!!’, I said with a big smile but exhausted.

When I started to leave the club, I took off my boxing gloves and I noticed that my fists was red with a bit bloodshot. It was not pain, but it was just a bit uncomfortable.

However, I like this feeling. I like to sweat. I like to be exhausted. I felt satisfied after the class because I could finally do something to change my body in another way. I appreciated myself. However, I found one interesting thing during the lesson. Maybe there was like 10 people in one class, that can really encourage me to bring it on. Just like, when we were doing the abs exercises, I tried to give up, but I saw some of them were still working on it! They created a good energy to push me to another level. And I could also finish those exercises eventually.

The day after first boxing class, all of my muscle groups pained. I could not even wear my t-shirt easily. And I know, boxing does really work. I will become someone to inspire people someday.

Today, I finished my forth class. Even I started to get used to it, but I still felt exhausted. But who cares that little pain?  I have a Dream.

People will laugh at your dreams, they hate you when you make them come true. Come on, I can do this, you can do this.

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One Response to I have a Dream.

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    That sounds like a really intense introduction to boxing! I’m glad you survived the first lesson, and enjoyed it. It takes a lot of courage to start something new such as that. I like your observation about the importance of others for motivation in hard moments of a workout. This form of collectivism is seen most strongly in sport, but I like to think about how we could mobilize it in other areas of our lives. I’m also fascinated by this workout trend begun by a particular Hong Kong movie star. This also demonstrates the power of media to influence the actions of individuals. I hope that your journey into the world of boxing continues to be thrilling!

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