Swimming for Real

For this class, I chose to do my sport on swimming. To engage myself within this sport, I decided to spectate some of the rec swimming clubs on campus. One of them is a conditioning swim recreational class that takes place at the Natatorium swimming pool. Unfortunately I was not allow to swim with them because I had to be enrolled into the class, but I was able to observe every few classes. The way I was able to engage in my sport more was by swimming on my own but using parts of the curriculum the instructors planned for the students.

I would first like to touch on the basics of this sport. For females, we are required to wear a thin body-tight swim suit and for males, they can wear either tight swim trunks or loose ones . Both use goggles and swim caps as well. Swimming can either take place outside or inside; the Natatorium is an indoor pool so the temperature of the environment is better controlled for the comfort of the swimmers. Sometimes the swimmers use swim fins, pull buoys, and paddles and gloves to help train better and get stronger in the water.

My experience within this sport was interesting. Considering the fact that I have joined a swim team when I was in high school, people would think it was would be just as easy for me to start this sport back up again, but it wasn’t. I noticed some thoughts that came to mind when spectating this sport. I noticed the females’ bodies that participated in the conditioning class and found myself wanting mine to look similar to theirs. I didn’t feel very uncomfortable for the most part since I did have my clothes on, but when I went swimming on my own at my apartment, there were a few female swimmers conditioning on their own as well. That was when I felt a little uncomfortable. What was also challenging was the amount of laps I had to do. My muscles felt sore the next day and even while swimming I felt really sore. The more I did train the more I did get faster at swimming. It took some time having to feel comfortable doing the movements again for me to feel like I was swimming properly again. What was also difficult was the need to try to be faster. The person who was also condition made me feel unconfident in my abilities to swim.



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1 Response to Swimming for Real

  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Getting started back up in a sporting activity from the past is hard. It often takes time for us to get back to the level we used to achieve. It also sounds like you have a tendency to compare your performance and body to others. This is also quite typical, but worth standing up against. One of the best antidotes for such self-consciousness can be cultivating the power of our own bodies, as you are doing by continuing to swim. I’m excited to hear how swimming continues to go for you! As you mention, the more you train, the faster and more confident you will get. Keep it up!

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