Traditional Football or American Football?


Basically, the most fashionable sport within the United States might be the American football, except the most fashionable sport within the world appears the association football commonly referred to as ‘soccer’ in America. Historically, it is revealed that crowd of men emerged running around the playground, throwing, punching, carrying as well as kicking a ball with less within the organized rules’ way. Furthermore, this sport appeared nicknamed as ‘football’ likely since the game appeared played using their feet instead of using Horses. During the 1800s, sport started to sectionalize in England amid those who wished to hold the ball the ball using hands as well as to those who never did. As a result, the past became referred as the rugby football, while the last as association football. Apparently, soccer commonly referred as association emerged as a term in Europe, when soccer emerged more admired within Europe compared to rugby football; however the taxonomy was dropped as it remained within the U.S. besides, soccer appears among the greatest business within the globe. As a matter of fact, for some generations, United States has emerged the curious anticipation mania in the world with beautiful games (Maguire, 1990). Soccer rose in the United States due to the grassroots level when it was being played by kids within their schools at home as well as through the field.

On the other juncture, American football emerged via competitions amid colleges. Moreover, as colleges merged to play, they kept developing rules to what is currently used. In real sense, the game started to appear more same to rugby compared to association football, except for motives not fully understandable, besides Americans went on branding it football. Within the 20th century, rugby football, American football along with association football originating as differences of similar game had emerged incompatible as well as distinct. Apparently, football may look like misnomer for current American sport, except the historical sport engaged little of kicking (Denney, 1951). On the other juncture, football fits absolutely into the schedule of the TV, allowing for breaks for advertisements not only after and before every quarter, but throughout play. On the contrast, soccer appears played in two halves each going for 45 minutes; uninterrupted coverage for every half means that it is time for two adverts during the break. American football appears played within less, fast rapidity bursts, high on adrenaline as well as on physicality. In football, every second counts unlike in soccer, the game may be very sluggish paced, mainly if the team appears defending a dominating possession or a lead. In general, American football appears everyone’s major game (Robertson, 2007). Soccer within the U.S has emerged a sport hugely played by women; on exemption to other countries whereby it is male’s game. According to research, most school in the U.S it is revealed that girls play soccer while boys play football, confirming this state of mind. To cut the long story short, the American football appears more fashionable within America compared to soccer since it is regarded as the fastest, physical as well as nonetheless suited towards the state of the mind of the spectators within the United States. In other case, young people play the American football, but not the soccer, since they occur through colleges as well as schools. On the contract, soccer appears a foreign body, less physical as well as slower paced.




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  1. Sarah McCullough says:

    Your sources span a significant time period in terms of their publication. Did you do this intentionally? If so, why? The differences that emerged over time between American football and football/soccer are quite interesting and I like how you explore their historical roots, as well as differences in their current-day associations (especially around gender). It is a bit tricky to tell which sources contribute to your research summary, aside from the short citations. A more clear summary of each source separately with a statement if its value to your research would help make this a bit clearer to your reader, as would the full citation information.

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