‘I love football, instead of soccer.’ American said

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According to Babaguchi, Kawai, Ogura, and Kitahashi (2004), from the history of the American compatriots, football is linked to their lives and family. In America, football is viewed as a game of high school reunions and homecoming as well. In most cases, the game is shared out with the earliest friends. The game is also the most powerful tool for college sports since it helps in creating the culture of competition and loyalty to places.

American culture of football does not always exclude the non players. Through the media, such as the internet and the television, the American football permeates the language and the living room as well the fan holidays for all the participants. In American for example, footballers are considered as the national heroes, they are the role models and in most cases are regarded as special guests during the thanksgiving dinner ceremonies. According to Elsey (2008), Americans prefers football to other games because the game reflects what the country is and was with the military like methods on the field and the culture of conflicts as well as the solidarity of males.

The game possesses many of the Americans markers that portray the real identity of the United States both at home and the abroad.  The game reflects various aspects of the country present lives such as counter terrorism, the male bravado, war metaphors, the recognition of the rule of law, the competitive struggle for physical supremacy, the emotional vulnerability, the physical vulnerability as well as the overriding celebration of the self made individuals. Ideally these are the national culture and elements that characterized strongly the contribution of the United States internationally.


The global icons today are the flamboyant football players. For this reason, therefore, American football is regarded as the most appropriate way of exploring the international effects of the country culture. Emphasizing football as the backbone of the American culture practice is not only to follow the made premises but to help nature the culture into other elements such as sports, and other games. This is game is devoid in significances of the political careers that can be expected to remain to the unaffected through the procedures that help to work within the nation shaping and making it restructures globally.


Cultural representations are demonstrated all over through the traditional National Football League, the College league and the burgeoning Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL).  In 2005, the regular season was played outside the country that marked the beginning of the first transnational cultural movements that geared towards creating the harmony in the country.

Stefani and & Pollard (2007) noted that American like football instead of soccer because, football facilitates the bound up of culture and politics both locally and internationally. American football also brings people together and in this way it helps the country to solve the issues such as gender, the race class and the national identities as well. The games also help in stimulating other spectacle of violence like entertainments and the religious zeal as well. These elements clearly motivate the football and players more than soccer.

The game also help the country in dealing with political issues, the cultural issues and the social issues as well therefore it help the country in dealing with such greatest passions such as politics ,religion and other special events celebrated in the country.


Throughout the country history, football has ideally provided the spiritual and the cultural outlet in which the citizens have found it possible to express and mediate the conflicts that the country faces.

This game as compared to soccer has provided and opportunity in which various groups like the religious, the quasi-messianic tonalities, and the horror interacts when they fill the stadiums like the Lambeau field among other fields.  Whatever the venue that will host the game, they find it easy to attend and watch their heroes playing and embracing the country national unity.

This game just like any other national game has faced numerous challenges since its origin. For example, there is problem of race and other elements of some discrimination.  Batard’s for instance noted that words avoidance pertain equally to the football’s disturbing relationship with race.

In his statement he was responding to the backlash and the Ricky William’s decision to break the multimillion dollar contract since he wanted to run away from the strict military trainings as well as the militarized mind set about the professional football league. This made players like Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb to challenge the inequalities and the racial restrictions that exists in the American football as a key element for popularizing the American football culture.

These racial conflicts have characterized the game since its origin which has also been seen as one of the most embarrassing components for the college students and the professionals as well. The common racial disparity has made the National Football League to enforce a strong action and guideline not forgetting the opinions of the Americans that seems to be moving far from the support of the social policy. The College football leagues are even the worse than the national league. For example, the 2004 showed that the black head coaches were only two at the 117 division. Despite the fact that the highest number of players in the team is African American citizens, the individual college game has had only 26 black coaches leading either side.


Despite the challenges above, it is important to understand that football has enabled the Americans to realize its dream of democracy and equality. This has been possible through participation of sports and entertainments.  The main aim  and objective of the country however is to engage in sporting activities such as football to make the country realize both it long term and short term objectives of uniting all the people without discrimination based on color, race, sex or even language.

This would make the country to have national outlook and visual representations.  It is important to understand the fact that Americans prefer football to soccer because it helps the country to understand the complexity of the American identity and the national representation of the country citizens. The numerous of colonel legacies combined with the resistance and the cultural envy help to make football a huge target of the country foreign appreciation and the preoccupation.

Portraying the national and the cultural boundaries makes the football to keep popularizing itself in the most successful ways. All the cultural activities change and adapt with time and sometimes become forgotten. The success of the American culture is in the football. The success is not only weighed through the financial achievements but also measured in the manner which the national cultural activities are portrayed. These are the basis that makes American football have more priorities as compared to other games such as soccer in the country.

The football successfully brings closer the identity of the American. The success is so special that no one else can bring. In most cases, it also redefines the legacies and the longings of the country. In America, football does not only bring unity but also creates the element of intellectual and emotional characterization. Football helps the country to capture and articulate the citizen’s imaginations.


To the college and professional football participants, this helps in re adjusting the contesting issues through expressing important views about the Americans specify and national identity. This explains the national concern on the increase usage of media. The financial allocations have therefore become ethical issues that needs to b addressed because they portray the national image.  Football therefore fulfills the impossible national demands perfectly because the anxieties witnessed in most communities are being always re addressed by the international cultural dynamics and the local government.

This game is loved most by the Americans because people have the perception that it has various components that helps in uniting most popular cultures to adapt with the changing needs of the professional sports of the national industry.  Football has made it possible for the strong internal connection between the professionals and the college. The connection has made it possible for the students to develop a proper learning skill that is relevant in the field of academics.

In America, football is a source of entertainment; this is because it can effectively enable the cultural re working of the nations. The process continuously allow for the popular cultural elements like football to continuously help in achieving and accomplishing the country ideological projects while at the same time, denying the connections between the nation and the sports. Though this game, there is the element of defending on the war fields. This is always not an easy task. Therefore football helps in making heroes who are uplifting the country.

In America today, football is not just considered as a game but it is seen as the solution to various conflicts. It has been able to maintain the discrimination and the gender exclusivity that even the powerful armed forces have not been able to handle. Thanks to American football for restoring such great unity. This has been possible through adopting the good strategies for the game.

In conclusion, it is prudent to understand that American football is loved more than the soccer. The game doesn’t not only create the national unity but it also help in promoting peace within the Americans.  The sport also provides entertainments as well. It allows the fans to interact well with one another. This is the only game that gives the country its historical identities and help the country remark the past important events. It’s of no doubt that this game is loved more than the soccer.


But However, even I did so many research about American Football, my favorite is still football. Yea, I call this, Football.





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