Final Individual Project

You will create a final project/paper as the culmination of all the work you have done in this class that combines the various components of the project and other material from the course. You will determine the form, medium, and content of your final project in consultation with your fellow classmates and me. Ideally, I would like for each of you to select a format for your final project that is useful to you beyond the scope of this class.


  • I must approve your final project format, medium, and content.
  • Use of primary research materials (object analysis, archival work, or discourse analysis)
  • Use of materials from course reading and lecture
  • Inclusion of material and insights from each of the three previous components of this project.
  • Inclusion of at least three scholarly sources into your project.
  • Individually produced component (equivalent to 1,500 – 2,000 words)
  • Group performance/presentation component (more on this under Group Presentation)
  • Creativity is encouraged!

Things to consider: When choosing what you want to do for the final project, consider how this class relates to ambitions or questions you have in your life. These can be goals or interests related to a career, academic work, hobbies, passions, or curiosities.

The final projects do not necessarily have to be written pieces. They can take another format: digital media, film, performance, demonstration, photo essay, artwork, etc. Select a medium that appeals to your inclinations and mode of inquiry.

30% of project grade

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