Learning through Doing

This component of the project requires you to use your body-mind as a research tool and a site for analysis. This project will require you to engage in “doing” a sport in order to use this firsthand knowledge in order to consider the relationship between sport and culture.

To do this, you will need to learn a new sporting practice, either through participation, volunteering, spectatorship, or some other form of engagement. This could be a new technique or body practice within a sport that you already do, or it could be something entirely new to you.

  • Assignment: work on learning, practicing or spectating this new sporting practice at least one hour a week, ideally much more often. The more time you spend on this, the more you will get out of it, both for yourself and for this class.
  • You are encouraged, though not required to keep a regular journal on this practice. Consider writing about the following: what you literally do, frustrations, challenges, injuries, pain, successes. Who do you do it with, and what are their expertise and experiences? What do you wear? Talk about the space in which you do it. What are the weather or other environmental conditions? What objects or technologies do you use? The more details, the better. Always think of how it felt, sensations, emotions, new abilities or lack thereof, habits. As the class continues, reflect on how it relates to both historical and theoretical readings and lectures from class.
  • Feeling creative? You are welcome to be creative in your journaling. Photos, video, drawings, sketches, digital creations, creative writing, and other forms of artistic expression are encouraged!
  • BYou will be required to post a blog on your experience once during the quarter by Friday, February 14. Minimum word count: 400 words.

10% of final project grade

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