Researching the Sport

This part of the project will require some solid research. Find at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that provide some historical or cultural background/analysis of the sport. Write a review of these three (or more) sources summarizing their findings and value. Be sure to provide both in-text and full citations of all sources, with links if relevant.

Before beginning, you will craft a preliminary research question. We will begin work on this in class. This is for your benefit to help prevent you from getting too lost in the research. It always helps to know what you are looking for when you dive into research.

Things to consider when crafting your question: Where did it come from? When did this sport become popular? (If it is popular. If it is not, why and how is it not popular)? Who has done this activity in the past? How has it spread? What factors affect its circulation? What sort of cultural resonance does the sport carry? What is its relationship to gender, race, ability, sexuality? How is it allied to ideas of nationhood, subcultures, transnationalism, or group identities? What sort of meaning does the sport carry among practitioners? Among spectators?

Depending on the sport you choose, there may be a wealth of information, or a veritable poverty of potential sources. I’ve provided suggestions for resources, databases, and scholarly journals to explore on the course website.

On Sources: I highly recommend entering Geisel Library and visiting the reference librarians. You are expected to use at least three scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journals/academic books with footnotes or endnotes). You may also want to use primary texts or archival materials. We will talk more about sources in class.

Minimum word count: 400 words

15% of final grade

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