Stereotype of the Sport

Describe any stereotypes that circulate in popular culture or media about your chosen sport of study. If you have examples that demonstrate this stereotype, include them. Consider what sort of identity or subject position that stereotype occupies. Is there a “typical” represented? Does that type have a specific gender, race, sexuality, socioeconomic class, religion, age, geographic location, and/or ability? Are there other key traits of that type? What sort of assumptions is made by that type? Are there prominent exceptions to that type?

Now consider your own relationship to that popular type. In what ways do you conform to or challenge typical representations of the sport?

Minimum word count: 250 words

5% of final project grade

1 Response to Stereotype of the Sport

  1. strides005 says:

    I came across this video while doing my research
    Gym Sterotypes:

    It’s pretty funny and it’s obvious to notice how it’s targeted for men and what men perceive to think is a women’s role at the gym.

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