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Surfing’s Laws

“We are a very territorial people, and even when surfing overseas we try to rule the break. We take the waves that are ours, and we take other surfers’ waves too.” Although some may describe surfing as a, “zen-like” sport, … Continue reading

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The Shortboard Revolution

Believe it or not, surfers have been riding waves for thousands of years. The ancient Peruvians first rode waves as a utility when they went on their daily fishing excursions.  Surfing didn’t really turn into a sport of pleasure until … Continue reading

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The Next Swell

Unlike Football, running, or swimming, or tennis in which anyone can engage in the sport whenever they feel like, surfing is one those activities that relies on nature itself.  Surfing is spontaneous because it always relies on good conditions, but … Continue reading

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Surfing’s Frontier

The early pioneers of surfing; the Polynesians who rode big, heavy, wooden boards always had the intention to make the sport spiritual rather than aggressive.  To this day, surfing has always been spiritual. It may have something to do with … Continue reading

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The Surf Rat

There are all kinds of representations of surfers in different parts of the world, but the most common is the surfer who has long hair, dresses in shorts, sandals, and talks like he’s high.  While growing up in Orange County, … Continue reading

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Oh, You’re a surfer? How many drugs do you do?

Hey, everyone! My name’s Andy.  I transferred from Orange Coast College last year, and this is my second year in Marshall as a Comm major/Business Minor at UCSD.  I chose this school for a few reasons, but the obvious one … Continue reading

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