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Women’s Ultimate : Ideals of the Gendered Body from Different Perspectives

The game of Ultimate Frisbee originated in the late 1960’s counterculture and was created by a high school student named Joel Silverman from New Jersey. He and other interested students created a high school league, and then took the game … Continue reading

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Position and Perspective in Ultimate

While researching Ultimate Frisbee, I noticed that there was a common trend in the discussion of masculinity, femininity, and body physique. I noticed that scholars observed and noted differences in the perspectives of different people in relation to their position … Continue reading

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Playing a New Sport = Frustration

To a person who has never seen Ultimate being played, the sport looks pretty confusing. As a fairly new player, I still find myself getting confused sometimes. When I first started playing, this sport was incredibly frustrating because I did … Continue reading

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Stanford Women’s Ultimate Logo: Challenging Masculine Stereotypes

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee is not a highly recognized sport in the media so there are almost no advertisements for this sport. I chose an image that is constructed and representative of a Women’s Ultimate team name. This is an image … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Lesbian?

Ultimate Frisbee is not a main stream sport that is widely talked about or seen on TV. A fair amount of people in America, or anywhere else for that matter, don’t know much about the sport or have ever seen … Continue reading

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Really? Ultimate Frisbee?

Hello everyone, I am a second year Communications major with a minor in Business. Sports has been a big part of my life ever since I was a little girl. I grew up watching baseball, football, basketball and golf with … Continue reading

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