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Lets Get Emotional

Emotions play a key role in one’s everyday life. lt is through emotions that one may act out anger and frustration, but also out of love and joy. It is through emotions that one may become motivated to interact in … Continue reading

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Emotion and Body

Sports in general have emotional and physical ties to a person whether they are participating in the sport or the bystander watching their favorite sports team play. As I look more into the emotional and physical ties that a person … Continue reading

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Feeling disabled

Running, this is for me one of the hardest things. As an athlete, I often dread all the times that I have to run. I chose running because I wanted to change my whole perspective on it. It has been … Continue reading

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Clean body is a clean mind

Sports for many people is a way to escape reality, fears, and problems. In Alice in Wonderland, the main character Alice chooses to escape her reality by walking through the looking glass. This looking glass has become a metaphor for … Continue reading

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The real runner stereotype

As a newly proclaimed born again runner,I will admit that running has not been easy for me. When I see people run I honestly stereotype runners as a people who are lean, all around fit, and truly enjoy the activity … Continue reading

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Taking off my heals and trading them in for some running shoes

I my name is Charlene and I am third year Communications major with a business minor.Sports have always been a large part of my life. Coming from a large family I have always found myself at some type of sporting … Continue reading

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