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E-sports Becoming E-“Legitimate” Sports

Ho Seung Hyeon Dr. McCullough, Sarah COMM 111T: Cultural Politics of Sport 17 March 2014 E-sports Becoming E-“Legitimate” sports E-sports is generally referred as an coordinated competitive approach in playing computer games. The notion that E-sports carries, pushes against some … Continue reading

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Legitimacy, Technology and Nationalism

I’ve come up with a thesis statement from some of the common themes of our class readings. In my paper, I want to write on the boundary of E-sports and how it’s a legitimate sport as my main argument. Also, … Continue reading

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Experiencing and Spectating the Culture of E-sports

This is me playing Starcraft at Geisel Library. What I’m doing below is not illegal; my E-sports UCSD Starcraft club members practice often in Geisel. I have officially uninstalled the game (due to addiction in the past) in my laptop, … Continue reading

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Whose that nerd?

You may wonder, “Whose that Asian nerd on computer?” That nerd goes by the game user name “DongRaeGu,” and he is currently ranked among the ten E-sports pro gamers who have earned the most prize money, with more than $200,000 … Continue reading

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Background and Streotypes of Pro-Gamers that You Never Knew About

As I mentioned before, E-sports originated from Korea through the game “Starcraft.” The game was broadcasted in many channels, and there were also many competitions. Participants of E-sports (pro-gamers) were mostly men, and there has been an effort to make … Continue reading

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I’m Korean, and I’ll be talking about E-sports. Makes sense right?

Hello class! I’m currently a junior, pursuing a communication degree. I’m a huge fan of NBA, and I love studying statistics of players, as well as how businesses and competitions run in pro-scenery of basketball. I also love playing any … Continue reading

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