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Queer Men of Color: A Sin of the NFL

Issues about homophobia and racial representation in the National Football League are derived from male domination that structures the institution to distribute power through a culture of heterosexual dominance and white supremacy; just a scratch on the surface of the … Continue reading

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Maintaining Male Order and Suppression of Gay Jocks

My research question is: What are the social, emotional, financial, and political ramifications for homosexual football players at the elite and/or professional level? The book Taking the Field is written by Michael A. Messner, a professor at USC and the Past President … Continue reading

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Playing with the Gaze

My family is filled with football fans, ever since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by the culture of football. My cousin played and I went to almost all of the high school football games. However, my closest interactions with … Continue reading

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Nation on Football’s Back

In this image, the largest and most prominent object is a football with a golden NFL golden logo in the center. The writing on the left side of the football says “The Duke” and the right side contains the NFL … Continue reading

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Completing Plays, Competing Masculinities

In football, the game is played in small segments that are called ‘plays.’ The start of a play begins with each teams positioned face-to-face against each other, and as the whistle blows the teams responsibility is to use their bodies … Continue reading

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The Phallus of Football

What’s up class! My name is Greg Valdivia and Im a 4th year double-major in Ethnic Studies and Communication. At the very young age of 3 years old, I was ran over by an electric bike and I broke my … Continue reading

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