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America: The home of the brave

Major League Baseball is a sport that exemplifies the characteristics of the All American male but what exactly does that mean and does the female fit in this world? Why is it that women are constantly belittled and degraded in … Continue reading

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The invisible man that rules baseball

Throughout my research I wanted the focal point to emphasize on gender differences in baseball, but that would have been a huge topic to cover, so instead I will be only looking at the roles that are played by women. … Continue reading

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Babe Ruth who?

The sport that I chose to take part in each week is baseball. I chose to participate in this sport through the batting cages because it was a little difficult to have a pickup game each week that demands 18 … Continue reading

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Rosie the Riveter? More like Sammy the pitcher!   This image is an action shot of a woman named Doris Sams, who is pitching in a baseball game. The viewer can tell that Sams’ is playing baseball and not softball because she is pitching in an overhand … Continue reading

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“You Play Ball Like A Girl!”

One of the many stereotypes that is associated with baseball is that because it is a male dominated sphere it is believed that there is no place for women. This stereotype is primarily constructed solely on gender, targeting women on … Continue reading

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I am a fourth year communications major from the Bay Area. Growing up in the Bay Area specifically Hayward, I’ve always been around sports especially baseball and football. Basically since I was born I have been an A’s fan and … Continue reading

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