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Code of Honor

‚ÄúThere is a fine line between how much violence causes entertainment and how much violence causes social disgust. When it comes to episodes of violence where the violence is kept to a minimum and no one really gets hurt, fighting … Continue reading

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Why is it that fighting in the NHL is a culturally embedded aspect of ice-hockey and how does this violence serve as a form of entertainment? Does it benefit the sport or take away from it? It was the violence … Continue reading

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The desire for battle.

I couldn’t think of a clever title for my research post, but I have most definitely gathered all my ideas and formulated a question that will guide my research that’ll without a doubt spear-head my project. I chose to not … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Stands

To this day, I have yet to play actually ice-hockey. The closest I have ever came to professional ice-hockey is going to the ice-skating rink with my 7 year old cousin. Although a much softer form of the sport, it … Continue reading

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The image I chose to audit both represents and challenges the stereotype that the sport of professional hockey is believed to be a sport of brutes who consider fighting apart of hockey culture. When closely evaluating the image from a … Continue reading

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I’m sitting here with my friend who is obsessed with Hockey, currently watching the Los Angeles Kings play the St. Louis Blues. I wont lie but I’m a little distressed because I am still, not too fond of the sport. … Continue reading

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Breaking the Ice

Hey guys! My name is Kevin and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I transferred to UCSD from Santa Monica Community College with a major in Communications and a minor in environmental studies. I can say with … Continue reading

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