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What Would You Rather Be Hit With?

This project has allowed me to look at Softball, a sport I’ve been playing nearly my entire life from a new perspective. People always assume that I play Baseball, or that Softball and Baseball are the same thing, they aren’t! … Continue reading

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Masculinity as the Reason for Sex Division Between Softball and Baseball

Research Question: How does the technology, or the equipment used in Softball promote the ideologies associated with toughness and masculinity? Additionally, how does masculinity establish a difference between Baseball and Softball? “Thinking the Unthinkable” by Ann Travers In the article … Continue reading

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Softball Through A New Lens

As I have explained in previous blogs, I have played softball nearly my entire life and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to play softball at the collegiate level here at UCSD. As an athlete, I am always … Continue reading

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We’ve Gotta Show Them We’re Tough

This advertisement for the National Pro Fastpitch league contains the argument embedded within it that masculinity is tied to a lack of safety. Within the selected image, is a person, or in this case a softball player, who seems to … Continue reading

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Oh you play softball? You must be a lesbian.

The sport you play should not indicate anything about your sexuality or your physical appearance. Unfortunately, the stereotypes that are associated with softball “prove” otherwise. The stereotypes most commonly associated with softball is being a lesbian or being big or … Continue reading

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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Hey everyone! I’m a second year Communications major with a Spanish minor and I’m thinking about adding a Business minor as well. In addition to a full time student, I am a part of the UCSD Softball team. I have … Continue reading

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