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Brazilian Soccer: Samba Style

Take a second to think about your favorite sports team. Now take another second to think about your team’s ultimate rival. Imagine, both teams going face to face at the championship game. Get a sense of the crowd from both … Continue reading

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An Inside Look At “The World’s Most Popular Game”

Soccer has been around for a long time. Starting up in Europe, overtime, it has branched out to become “the world’s most popular game.” Even though there are many perks of having a global game, there also coincides with the … Continue reading

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“Wait, Let Her Take The Shot…”

The sport that I have been participating in is soccer. I have played soccer for quite some time, but this time is I have been playing on a co-ed team. I have never played in a soccer co-ed team, so … Continue reading

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Looking at this gif, you wonder what led up to this girl’s transformation. Without any text to guide the viewer, this gif can stand by many commercial ads and do justice. However, this is not your typical ad about cosmetics … Continue reading

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Soccer Is Soccer No Matter Who Plays It

One thing I like about soccer is that there are no changes in rules or equipment no matter who plays it. Unlike other sports, the rules for soccer maintain the same. Sports such as baseball and ice hockey alter their … Continue reading

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Two Worlds, One Cup

I am a third year ERC student majoring in communication and minoring in digital video and film production. As most kids, I played multiple sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, judo and track. It was around the age of 10, … Continue reading

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