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Commoditization of Sports: Hockey as a Good

As the popularity of a sport begins to grow, and when it peaks as one of the four major national professional sports leagues, the role it plays in the construction of national and local identities slowly becomes evident. The idea … Continue reading

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It’s Just Business

When I began thinking about my research question and what I wanted to focus my final project on, I thought it would be interesting to do a close analysis of the different ways in which hockey is consumed. Originally I … Continue reading

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Bambi on Ice

The sport that I have been interacting with the past few weeks is ice hockey. Growing up in the south Bay Area I slowly learned that, while ice hockey didn’t have as much national popularity as football, baseball, or basketball, … Continue reading

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Call in the goon squad!

 (Click to enlarge.) The image I chose to analyze is complex in its composition but provides valuable insight into the world of ice hockey and the stereotypes it perpetuates as well as rejects. The large white portion on the bottom … Continue reading

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So you like hockey, eh?

Since I know a good amount of history and culture surrounding American football, and because the postseason will soon be coming to a close, I decided to change my sport of study to ice hockey. Growing up in the Bay … Continue reading

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Football: Essential Americana

Hi everyone! Like many of you in this class, my major is Communication. I’m a third year student, and I love playing and watching almost any sport. My parents enrolled me in swim lessons when I was in preschool and … Continue reading

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