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Race and Gender: Are these problematic in the world of baseball?

Before I took this course, my general idea of baseball was that it is a sport for men and not women. Whenever I watch baseball games on TV, it is very rare to see women playing as professional baseball players … Continue reading

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MLB: American Dream

From my research, I have realized that baseball involves a complicated history of racism and gender discrimination. Many articles discuss about how blacks attained their memberships in Major League by overcoming many struggles in establishing rights for game participations. Many … Continue reading

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Does appearance matter in playing Baseball?

PNY’s flash drive ad shows a photo of four children wearing baseball uniforms with globes and bats. The ad denotatively presents three boys and one girl as baseball players; three of them are White, and one of them is Black. … Continue reading

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The Reality of Baseball

Whenever I watch baseball games, I usually just enjoy watching the players’ performances and do not pay attention with the stereotypes that are represented in their appearances. One of the typical stereotypes is that baseball is perceived as a sport … Continue reading

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The Fascinating & Unpredictable Sport: Baseball

Hi everyone! I am a third year Revelle student and like many of you, I am a Communication major. I just transferred from Irvine Valley College last year, and this is my second quarter at UCSD. When I was little, … Continue reading

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