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‘I love football, instead of soccer.’ American said

According to Babaguchi, Kawai, Ogura, and Kitahashi (2004), from the history of the American compatriots, football is linked to their lives and family. In America, football is viewed as a game of high school reunions and homecoming as well. In most … Continue reading

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Traditional Football or American Football?

Basically, the most fashionable sport within the United States might be the American football, except the most fashionable sport within the world appears the association football commonly referred to as ‘soccer’ in America. Historically, it is revealed that crowd of … Continue reading

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I have a Dream.

In last summer, Hong Kong had released a film called ‘Unbeatable’, which is about boxing and MMA. To most of the Americans, those two sports are quite famous because even children can also perceive the knowledge from television. But in … Continue reading

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How you see American Football?

     According to Poynton & Hartley cited in Bruce (126) sport represented through the media does not have an impact on the world and it is in most cases viewed as a story. However, because there is a lot of … Continue reading

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American Football Player aren’t Stupid.

American Football, which is considering as a sport that can only exist in the United States because football is all about strength, stamina and run. The football players usually seen as muscular, strong, black and stupid. Football players usually seen … Continue reading

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Soccer? Football?

Hi everyone, I am a transfer student from the Diablo Valley College, which is located in Pleasant Hill, California. As most of you guys, I am majoring in Communication and this is just my second quarter in UCSD, which means … Continue reading

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