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The Necessary Love Affair: Baseball & Steroids

Major League Baseball is a business, and like all businesses, the main goal is to earn profit, and not always ethically.  For the case of the MLB, steroids is obviously unethical; it is a form of cheating that a majority … Continue reading

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Culture-roids vs. Baseball

Throughout my research on baseball I found it very difficult to narrow down a specific research question.  Baseball has plenty of outlets to question, whether the topic pertains to racism, male masculinity, or steroid use.  All topics could pose rather … Continue reading

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Coaching Scrubs Into Confident Machines

Throughout my entire life I have always been the player; the one taking the field, getting scraped up, and soaking in the information coaches two or three times my age were trying to feed me.  Many times I wondered, what … Continue reading

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It Takes More Than The Long Ball

Nike’s, “Chicks Dig The Long Ball” ad already has immense sexual connotations within its title, but as I watched the ad in full, I noticed three white baseball stars: Mark McGwire, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine, all performing for their … Continue reading

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The tainted game…are the steroid-types true?

America’s past time, a game with so many memorable moments, whether it was future Hall of Famers coming home from WWII to play ball again, or women taking the reigns and starting their own baseball league while the men were … Continue reading

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“Have you seen my baseball?”

Hello folks! I guess I can start this blog like the majority with a firm claim to where I am from and my major.  I am a transfer student from the 626, or to those who don’t know, the San … Continue reading

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