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Emotional Escapades With B-Ball

I  want to be able to uncover the phenomenon that occurs when people watch a sports game. Watching sports always tends to bring people together and join them to be a part of the same cause while ignoring all other … Continue reading

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Media Analysis: Track and Field

This photo of Track and Field sprinter Usain Bolt is an excellent medium to analyze about the cultural values, practices, and assumptions regarding the sport.  The candid shot shows Bolt close up with a pleased look on his face and … Continue reading

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How you see American Football?

     According to Poynton & Hartley cited in Bruce (126) sport represented through the media does not have an impact on the world and it is in most cases viewed as a story. However, because there is a lot of … Continue reading

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Strike a pose Vogue

I chose this photo of LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen from the Vogue, “Shape Issue,” because it hailed me through the facial features of the two individuals captured on the cover and how different they were. LeBron James, an NBA … Continue reading

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It Takes More Than The Long Ball

Nike’s, “Chicks Dig The Long Ball” ad already has immense sexual connotations within its title, but as I watched the ad in full, I noticed three white baseball stars: Mark McGwire, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine, all performing for their … Continue reading

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More Curls, More Girls!

I discovered this image of Arnold Schwarzenegger on a body building blog. It features Schwarzenegger in the center of the image, taking up nearly the entire frame. The image is a long-range shot photographed from eye-level, directly in front of … Continue reading

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Researching Track and Field

Tom Jordan’s article “Track and Field”, provides an in depth history about the sport, and basic information about the events themselves.  The author briefly describes the history and current dynamics of all categories of the events.  I also learned a … Continue reading

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White people can’t jump!

One of the most prominent stereotypes in Track and Field labels Caucasians as not being up to par with the Black athletes.  Not just in running events, but also in jumping events as well.  Colored men and women do indeed … Continue reading

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The Surf Rat

There are all kinds of representations of surfers in different parts of the world, but the most common is the surfer who has long hair, dresses in shorts, sandals, and talks like he’s high.  While growing up in Orange County, … Continue reading

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American Football Player aren’t Stupid.

American Football, which is considering as a sport that can only exist in the United States because football is all about strength, stamina and run. The football players usually seen as muscular, strong, black and stupid. Football players usually seen … Continue reading

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